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November NAC

Posted in National tournaments, Poetry (of sorts) with tags , , , , , , , , on December 2, 2010 by Isabel Ford

The Poetic Muse I will surely incite
With my Thesaurus rhymes and my grammar askew
But bored with my homework, I can’t help but write,
And an update for this blog is long overdue.

For the last few months’ news, I have so much to tell
I got back from a NAC in Wisconsin last week!
Said NAC was a madhouse, but certainly swell
And EPIC if you’re me: just one fencing geek!

Two teammates, Miss Emma and Jared, fenced too
And Adam (from Portland) hung out with our group.
Our coach was a great help, with this “sword thing” we do,
And my mom came, whose kind spirits never once drooped.

The blade demon, Dragzduhl, who lives in my bag
(there’s a fan page on Facebook for him, though he’s mean)
Was absent! I drove him away, I must brag
And started most bouts with NO CARDS, like a queen!!

The epee events used that repechage thing
Which did take more time, but I’d no cause to pout
In the final 8, with no defeats, you’ve got sting
You’ve had a long break while the rest fought it out!

In the end, I came back with two medals of bronze
One was from Junior, and one from Cadet.
(I have to cheat, can’t find a good rhyme for “bronze”)
I was shocked, but it was truly worth all that sweat!

And now, as I sit here with laptop on lap
I’m plotting and planning in my little den
I’m staring at Dallas, TX on my map
I can’t wait to do it all over again!!