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November NAC

Posted in National tournaments, Poetry (of sorts) with tags , , , , , , , , on December 2, 2010 by Isabel Ford

The Poetic Muse I will surely incite
With my Thesaurus rhymes and my grammar askew
But bored with my homework, I can’t help but write,
And an update for this blog is long overdue.

For the last few months’ news, I have so much to tell
I got back from a NAC in Wisconsin last week!
Said NAC was a madhouse, but certainly swell
And EPIC if you’re me: just one fencing geek!

Two teammates, Miss Emma and Jared, fenced too
And Adam (from Portland) hung out with our group.
Our coach was a great help, with this “sword thing” we do,
And my mom came, whose kind spirits never once drooped.

The blade demon, Dragzduhl, who lives in my bag
(there’s a fan page on Facebook for him, though he’s mean)
Was absent! I drove him away, I must brag
And started most bouts with NO CARDS, like a queen!!

The epee events used that repechage thing
Which did take more time, but I’d no cause to pout
In the final 8, with no defeats, you’ve got sting
You’ve had a long break while the rest fought it out!

In the end, I came back with two medals of bronze
One was from Junior, and one from Cadet.
(I have to cheat, can’t find a good rhyme for “bronze”)
I was shocked, but it was truly worth all that sweat!

And now, as I sit here with laptop on lap
I’m plotting and planning in my little den
I’m staring at Dallas, TX on my map
I can’t wait to do it all over again!!

Another Poetry Spasm

Posted in Poetry (of sorts) with tags , , , , , , , on September 24, 2010 by Isabel Ford

Practicing three hours a day
Through wrist pain that won’t go away
In addition, my elbow and shoulder
Are wrecked (though the ice makes them colder).

I don’t mean to sound like a whiner
Since these are, after all, fairly minor
Compared to what befalls some jocks
Hey, luckily I can still walk.

For sure, my morale is not bleak
There’s a fight in Seattle next week
At the mention of this lovely battle
My epees spontaneously rattle.

But I’ll need to start using more ice
And advil and everything nice
If that fails, I might have to go Vader
With the robotic limbs and lightsaber!